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Since 1998, we have been making products inspired by tradition, always with an eye towards research and innovation of techniques.
The goal is to improve the sublime white art. Years of experience in the field of vegan and organic bakery products have allowed us to expand our knowledge by moving production in an international and extended direction.
In 2015 we inaugurated a new factory in Gravina in Puglia, entirely dedicated to the production of gluten-free and very healthy products for all those who love healthy eating without sacrificing good taste.

Selected raw materials

Pure goodness

Every day we make a careful selection of genuine and environmentally friendly raw materials. The selection of flours for our blends expertly mixed is fundamental to achieve the best result. All our products do not have any traces of milk or eggs: this is our guarantee of 100% vegan and gluten-free foods.

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Production and Preparations

Our goal? Feed.....artfully

Our production facility is entirely dedicated to the sole production of gluten-free foods. Being fitted with all structural requirements, our production line operates in full compliance with quality and healthiness. For us the goal is to create a unique product of its kind. Formulation, composition, nutritional and qualitative research is conducted entirely in house. After the initial tests, we move on to the development and large-scale production of all our products.

Rising and Cooking

Innovation at the service of goodness

Lack of gluten is a significant obstacle to the long and slow leavening process required for baked goods. By leveraging our experience and the research of our company laboratory, we fine-tuned and perfected our baking and cooking technique in the production of gluten-free foods. We have achieved a crispness and crunchiness that make our products unique.

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Preserving goodness

Packaging takes place on state-of-the-art machinery; we offer different packaging solutions, from multipack up to family bundle. We have also thought of convenient single-serving portions to preserve the flavour and quality of each single product until the last bite.


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